In this series of podcasts we are discussing with people, who have knowledge, insights and experiences about the topic of EMERGenCeS project. We are discussing with scholars, educators, cultural mediators, and teachers who have refugee backgrounds. In this series of podcasts we want to bring up perspectives about refugees and their roles and experiences in the host country educational systems.

Podcast #1 Associate professor Mervi Kaukko, Tampere University, Finland. Mervi Kaukko has researched especially refugee learners and their needs in host country system. She is sharing her thoughts about the roles of teachers and pointing out some structural issues that can affect refugee learners.

1) Podcast With Mervi Kaukko Tampere

Podcast #2 Teacher with refugee background Rahaf Al Mansur. Rahaf Al Mansur is talking about her experiences trying to get into the host country educational system and her experiences with children with diverse backgrounds. She is also sending a message for policy makers.

2) Podcast with Rahaf Emad Al Mansur Tampere

Podcast #3 – Two education systems, one goal.

Hakan, psychologist with a refugee background shares insights and experiences of the education system in his home country (Turkey) and compares it with the education system his son is currently attending (Flanders, Belgium).

3) Two education systems, one goal

Podcast #4 – Cultural mediator as bridges between cultures.

Devon Ebah is a cultural mediator and musician in Pesaro, Italy. He arrived in Italy as a refugee from Nigeria and his goal now is to facilitate the meeting between cultures through communication, exchange and music.
He shared with us his personal and work experiences, going through migration, decolonization and pedagogy.
(Kilowatt, Italy)

4) Cultural mediator as bridges between cultures

Podcast #5 – Language School

Mustafa Uguz is an English teacher and also an entrepreneur. He’s originally from Turkey but he came to France from Mongolia where he was working. After arriving in France he tried to find his place in the education system and the society. In this context, he created his own language school with his wife.

5) Language School

Podcast #6 – Cultural diversity in education

Mustafa Olabi is an English refugee teacher in our country and moreover a person always preoccupied with culture and education, both of himself and of his students. He’s originally from Syria and after he arrived in Romania he tried to find his place in the education system and the society. In this context, he created his own language school with his wife. Thus, he dedicatedly taught Arabic and English to students from various schools, to whom he tried to pass on his passion and openness to multicultural diversity (religious, artistic, etc.).

6) Cultural diversity in education