1.What is the ASSSOCIATION SOCIAL ECONOMY SLOVENIA, social enterprise?
ASES is an independent, non-governmental, non-political institution based on the principles of social entrepreneurship. It represents its members who actively work in the field of social economy, regardless of their organizational form. The members of ASES are non-governmental organizations, social enterprises, emerging social enterprises, institutions of supportive environment, humanitarian organizations and individuals who want to contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship.

2. What does ASES do?
The ASSOCIATION SOCIAL ECONOMY SLOVENIA work is based on the principles of social entrepreneurship, as represented by Mohammed Yunus. Further, it operates on the principles of social responsibility and high ethical principles. With its mode of operation, it enables the development of the potentials of institutions and individuals in order to ensure the well-being of people and innovative development of the society in Republic of Slovenia.

3. Vision
 ASES to be the umbrella organization for the social economy in Slovenia.
 ASES to be a generator of socio-economic changes in Slovenia and an internationally recognized center of excellence for the development and promotion of social entrepreneurship.
 ASES to be a common platform for networking and promotion of the functioning of social economy enterprises and those support institutions that set the goal of establishing social entrepreneurship and a sustainable economy in Slovenia.
Pillar, connector and social economy messenger in Slovenia.

4. Mission
We are establishing an innovative connecting environment for the development of the potentials of all actors in social economy sector and providing efficient mechanisms for the development of social entrepreneurship at the local, state and international level in order to ensure the prosperity and innovative development of Slovene society.

5. Values
 sustainable development
 corporate social responsibility
 solidarity
 integration of vulnerable groups
 democratic decision-making
 cooperation

6. Strategy
 Establishment of branches in all Slovenian regions.
 Establishment of the network »Social economy South East Europe« and co-management of it
 Enrolment in Social Economy Europe as SE Europe.

7. Activities
 Management of database of social economy enterprises in Slovenia and abroad, getting excellent contacts, obtaining descriptions of knowledge, competences and offers

 Connection of re-use stores and shops, organization of meetings and local re-use and exchange of used goods fairs; management of special section of re-use centers within ASES
 festival days of Social Economy – local, national (Festival When I raise myself up, I raise Maribor; Festival of Social economy Nova Gorica;…)
 partnership and membership with Diesis Network
 acquiring affordable computer software licenses for ASES’s members
 representation of Slovene social economy sector at conferences abroad
 B2B network of social enterprises (for example the group “Good goods”, #buyresponsible)
 regional branches (a network of social economy stakeholders)
 members of the ASES are providing services (legal aid, accounting, consulting) with benefits: member price, free of charge
 Publishing news (weekly, monthly, and electronic) on social economy sector activities, projects…
 inclusion of vulnerable groups, volunteers, enabling them training and active participation
 project management, project participation, services for project implementation

8. Contacts
Združenje Socialna ekonomija Slovenije, socialno podjetje
Gorkega ulica 34, 2000 Maribor
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 Web page:
 E-mail: [email protected]
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