How to become a teacher in France?

1.How to become a Teacher with contest

All Bachelor degrees give access to the master MEEF (Métiers de l’Enseignement, de l’Éducation et de la Formation), no curriculum is to be discarded. However, depending on whether you want to practice in primary school or in secondary school, some choices may be preferred:

If you want to become a teacher of primary schools

A degree corresponding to one of the subjects taught in primary school (French and

mathematics, but also sciences, history-geography, living language, …) will be the most natural


Education system and how to be a teacher in Belgium?

In Belgium responsibility for schools lies with the language communities: Dutch (the Flemish Community) in Flanders, French in Wallonia, both Dutch and French in Brussels and some surrounding communes, and German in nine municipalities in the province of Liège (Lüttich in German). Children at the age of two and a half go for pre-schools or nursery schools. The primary education starts at the age of six and lasts for 6 years, followed by another 6-year cycle of secondary education. Education in Belgium is mandatory between the ages 6 and 18 years and free (both in primary and in secondary education)…..

How to be a teacher in Italy?

Educational qualifications

A person who want to teach in Italy has to:

achieve the title of access (degree): this is the basic requirement to access to teaching

achieve the teaching qualification
More specific information are based on the different type of school

Primary school (1st cycle)

kids between 6 yo and 11 yo
title of access:

Master’s degree in Science of the Primary Education
The ministerial decree n. 249/2010 (amended by decree n. 81/2013) establishes the
requirements and methods of teacher education and training training objectives…..

Educational System and How to become a teacher in Slovenia?


There are three levels of education in Slovenia:


secondary and

higher education.

Applicants have a large set of options. They can decide, at which stage to complete their education and how to continue it depending on career plans or circumstances. The educational system in Slovenia is designed to produce students with a decent knowledge base, at whatever level they decide to complete their studies….

Teacher Education in Finland

Teacher education in Finland

Finland’s high level of education and competence is based on high-quality teacher education. The profession of a teacher is regulated, and the qualifications required from teachers are defined in legislation. Teacher training in Finland is arranged by universities and vocational institutes of higher education. Teacher occupation is valued and respected expert position, and almost all teachers have master’s degree in either educational science or the subject they are teaching…

Access education system Spain and Germany

Education System


First cycle of education (0-3 years)

school teacher (maestro).

They need to have the title of Maestro with specialization in childhood education or an equivalent title like title of Maestro with specialization in childhood education or superior technician in childhood education.


Early childhood education

In case of no high school degree: 2-4 years education/training (Ausbildung). Usually before this training you need a first training in child care or in social assistant

In case of high school degree you can study in university (3- 3,5 years)…

Education System in Romania

Requirements to become teacher in Romania:

For primary education

psycho-pedagogical high school/ specific bachelor degree studies

2. For middle school education

bachelor degree studies

the psych pedagogical module level I (for teaching at the gymnasium, classes 5-8)