The International Theoretical High School of Informatics Bucharest was founded in 1995 by Lumina Educational Institutions (Colentina branch from 2016); this is a private educational institution, accredited by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport and which follows a national education curriculum. The medals won year by year by the students, the range of extra-curricular activities, the different approach of the educational process, all these made in a short time, to become the largest private school in Romania, reaching the one higher number of students and to the best results, the proof of the confidence that the institution has won among the schools in the Romanian education system. The path of our school over time has been an ascending one, marked by special results.

            We take care of the education of the students starting from the secondary school cycle and continuing until the 12th grade of the high school. Depending on their aptitudes and inclinations, secondary school students have the option of opting for intensive or English intensive math classes.

            We are sure that at the International Theoretical High School of Informatics Bucharest we offer children a quality education and an adequate education, which will ensure a harmonious development that will pave the way for life.

            The high school students have the opportunity to choose either for the real profile (mathematics – computer science or for the human one (philology). In high school, students will have the chance to study the exact sciences (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in English, which will be useful to graduates who will apply for scholarships at universities outside the borders of Romania, but also to those who will choose to continue their studies in the country.